Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm coming out...a bit

When I started this blog, I thought I'd be able to be vague enough all the time and even cover up my gender. I can't anymore; it's exhausting.

I'm a woman. I'm in my 30s and I live in suburbia, but in a "nice" Jewish community. I grew up frum and most of my friends would classify themselves as frum. The point is, I know what I'm talking about on the subject of sex in the frum community and the mores that surround the issue.

My husband knows I write this and, in many ways, it's made our sex life even better.

There. That feels better. :)


  1. Good for you!
    I'm not Jewish, but the customer service director of my sex toy store is Jewish, and she has been very enlightening on kosher sex. I hope you don't mind a Christian Irish woman reading your blog. I'm enjoying it very much!

  2. Not at all. I hope you enjoy. And mazal tov on your blog's new home.

    Is your CSR an observant Jew? I'm curious what insight's she's shared...