Monday, July 6, 2009

And there's your problem, right there.

Just saw this on Jewishatheist, and was so happy to see it because it speaks directly to what we're talking about!

Talking Dirty - The Best Safe Sex There Is!

My spouse and I are discovering "dirty talking." Without fail, it gets our hearts racing, penis hard like steel and vagina impossibly slick and willing.

I love it so much, I want to share some of the lines we whisper to one another. See if you can guess which spouse said what. Why not share your favorite sex lines with the class?

"I want to feel your penis explode inside me."

"Make me overflow with your hot, hard cum."

"I'm going to tie you down and fuck every orifice."

"You're my sex toy."

"Let me slide my tongue into your ass."

"Fuck my face."

"Cum on my ass."

"Your cock is too big for me."

"It's so hard, I'm going to cum immediately."

"Looking at your face makes me want to cum right now."

"Touch me."

"Don't say another word and fuck me."

Now THAT's something to discuss in kallah classes! Excuse me while I go - uh - do what I need to do. :)